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Agri Frequencies

Agrionics / Radionics in Agriculture:

Radionics in Agriculture by Steve Diver | Apr 27, 2016 –

The Radionic Association –

Case studies by The Radionics Association –

Media articles in The Radionics Association –

Radionic use in agriculture –

The Keys College of Agrionics –

Radionics –

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Structured Water:

Natural Action Technologies – structured water research –

Structured water benefits –

Structured water study on Macadamias at Potchefstroom University: Full study and Summary

Alternative Irrigation Methods: Structured Water in the context of a Growing Global Food Crisis due to Water Shortages by Fabian Ptok from the University of Colorado Boulder

BioChem lab report on lower E.Coli count

Structured vs unstructured water – the vase study

Very good slideshow on structured water