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Stimulation of Plants and Soil Organisms

StimSoil organism stimulation:

  • This is a timely process that ensure a multi-culture of organisms. With our frequency treatments you can decrease fertiliser little bit at a time from one season to the next, as soil organisms and yields increase.
  • Better drainage.
  • Soil water retention improves.
  • Loose soil and therefore more oxygen in the soil.
  • Improved plant development, growth and yields.

Plant stimulation for…

  • Better development and growth.
  • You can stipulate if there is a specific aspect that needs stimulation, for example the flowering phase.
  • We can stimulate the brix value of plants, which means the sugar level will increase. This is very useful as an insect repellent and will improve the taste of fruits for example.

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Download Groei stimulasie – Growth stimulation

Insect Control

affordable and effective

Frequencies can also be used preventatively to limit crop damages area and species specific.

In the graph you can see the effectivity of frequency control on potato moth.

The measurements were taken with glue pads and pheromone strips.

The results are self explaining, the red dotted line marks the start of treatment, the sharp decline in    insect quantities are clear.

After some time insects increased due to mutations and with corrections their numbers dropped again.

Frequencies can reach and kill insects even if they hide in the soil or in plants.

Download Insek Beheer – Insect Control

Structured Water

Water builds up a memory based on the environmental conditions it is exposed to. This memory and the fact that the water is polluted to some or other degree leads to the water molecules forming groups/clusters. These clusters of water molecules are too big to go through cell walls for absorption and therefore lead to dehydration and poor health even though enough water is available.

A study done at the Potchefstroom University, on Macadamia seedlings, showed they used 20% less water with 20% better germination, better root development and 23% better growth.

Dr. Pollack discovered that there are three different ways to structure the water molecules: through a vortex, with magnetism or through frequencies.

We tried and tested the different methods and combinations thereof to see what the most effective way to structure water is. The result was to make use of frequency.

Our water structuring units are mobile and therefore it can be placed under a glass of drinking water or around a pipe, ensuring all the water coming through the pipe is structured.

When placing the structuring units around a pipe it needs to cover at least 80% of the circumference of the pipe, to ensure the water will be structured as it goes through the pipe.

When a glass of water is placed on the structuring unit it can take up to eight seconds for the still standing water to be structured, whereas flowing water is structured in milli-seconds.

Advantages of using structured water:


  • Improve general health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved memory
  • More oxygen in the blood
  • Natural anti-oxidant that combats aging
  • Effective hydration
  • Many reported that symptoms like headaches and heartburn disappear.
  • Structured water changes the pH.


  • Improve general health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Production of milk and meat can improve
  • Saving up to 30% water
  • Improved meat quality and distribution of fat is better


  • Improve general health
  • Production can improve up to 12%
  • Saving up to 30% water
  • Less moisture in on the ground means less diseases and mortalities
  • Improve the meat quality

Plants & Crops

  • Better propagation
  • Production can increase with up to 35%
  • Protecting plants against serious frost damage up to –6°C
  • Saving up to 30% water
  • Quality of produce improves
  • Taste and shelf-life improves
  • Increased sugar content
  • Better resistance to insects
  • Drying time for crops is faster


  • Production can increase up to 35%
  • Saving up to 30% water
  • Better quality
  • Increase sugar content (brix)
  • Save up to 50% on drying time


  • Better absorption
  • Leaching of salts
  • Soil organisms are stimulated for better yields

Concrete and sement

  • Water savings of up to 30%
  • Improve strength up to 40%
  • Use up to 10% less cement for the same strength
  • Cement has better resistance to the elements of nature
  • Shorter drying time

Soaps and detergents

  • Dissolves better
  • Soaps and detergents work better due to more complete solutions

Pipes and kettles

  • Dissolve deposits in kettles and pipes
  • Protection against serious frost damage up to –6°C

Swimming pools

  • Reduces algae growth and less chemicals needed

Water purification

Solids are normally suspended in the clusters, with the clusters gone the solids will sink to the bottom.

Fuel Structurers

Fuels do the same as water, the molecules form clusters in order to save energy.

We use similar technology as used in the water structurers to re-structure fuel molecules, leading to more effective combustion of fuels, which will:

  • Enhance performance
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Decrease pollution

The structuring strips are applied around the air intake and radiator hose. This does not affect standard vehicle design, there is no modifications on the engine, its intake system or wiring harness. The improvement of the molecular structure of the air, water and oil is the only difference.

The structurers can be fitted to any petrol or diesel cars, trucks, tractors, earth-moving machines etc.

Optimum fuel savings might only show after a few weeks, but the power difference can be felt immediately.

The fuel structurers are not affected by climate or any external factors, it has no moving components and it has a lifetime guarantee without ever having to be serviced or replaced, as long as it is kept in good condition.

Download Fuel Structurer

Rodent Repellent

Frekwensies; omgewings vriendelik en gif vry Frequencies; environmentally friendly and poison free.

  • Verwyder muise en rotte gif loos
  • Remove mice and rats poison free.
  • Skadeloos vir katte en uile
  • Harmless to cats and owls.
  • Plaas die Rodent repellent sentraal in U tuin, die frekwensies werk 24/7 op‘n 40m radius.
  • Place the Rodent repellent central in your Garden, the frequencies works 24/7 on a 40m radius.

Frost Protection

  • Struktureerde water vries onder -6 grade C en beskerm plante teen ryp tot -4 Grade C
  • Fotos geneem 3 nm in Benoni op 3 Julie 2018 met koue front.
  • Plante met gestruktureerde water besproei geen ryp skade
  • Fontein gewone kraan water ge-vries.
  • Structured water freeze under -6 Deg C and protects plants to -4 Deg C
  • Photos taken in Benoni at 3 pm on 3 July 2018 with cold front.
  • Plants irrigated with structured water no frost damage.
  • Fountain with normal tap water iced over.

TUIN Feetjie / GARDEN Fairy

Vir die mooiste tuin somer en winter / for the most beautiful garden summer and winter.

  • Frekwensies; omgewings vriendelik en chemies vry
  • Frequencies; environmentally friendly and chemical free.
  • Stimuleer plantegroei
  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Voorkom insekte, verwelkom bye
  • Prevents insects, welcomes bees.
  • Voorkom Ryp skade tot -4 grade C
  • Prevent frost damage to -4 deg C
  • Plaas die Tuin Genie sentraal in U tuin en die frekwensies werk 24/7 op‘n 40m radius.
  • Place the Garden Genie central in your garden and the frequencies works 24/7 on a 40m radius.

Chemical Free Algae Killer

Healthy for Humans fish and plants

The Clear Pond pool pad works with frequencies and just like a vibrating stem fork will cause another stem fork to vibrate when near, the powdered crystals in the pool pad will bring the pool water to resonate at the desired frequencies to kill the algae in the water.

Tie the pool pad around the pool pipes and secure after the pump for a lifelong algae free pool.

The clear pond pool pad structures water and kills algae but not all pathogens, thus some chemicals may still be required in swimming pools. In nature the highest quality and beneficial water we find is in mountain streams, this water is pure and structured. Polluted and stored water tend to form clusters with high surface tension that are less-beneficial.

By structuring water, we break up the water clusters into single molecules with low surface tension. The water then contains higher levels of oxygen killing off pathogens up to 2 parts per million.

In the unlikely event that you may have a different strain of algae simply send us a photo of the algae to 082 429 4255 and we will upgrade your system free of charge to control that strain of algae too.

At Agri Frequencies we strive to constantly offer updates and new developed products to ensure our clients get the best value for money.

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