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Environmentally Friendly Insect Control

Environmentally Friendly Insect Control

Environmentally friendly Insect Control Insects are responsible for huge crop losses every year, but not all insects are harmful, there are numerous species that are beneficial to us and even essential for our existence, like bees and other pollinators. Many insect species help us in fighting the crop damaging insects.

Our Insect Control Solution

Currently, mostly poisonous chemical substances are used as insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, all over the world, most of these poisonous substances kill indiscriminately causing damage to the environment.

By killing all insects, also the beneficial ones, we lose our allies in the insect world and we have more insects to combat. The more we spray them the more they mutate and new stronger poisons have to be developed all the time.

The poisons also kill bees and other pollinators, predator insects and birds.

Some of these poisons make their way into our food chain causing disease and allergies.

In some cases, overspray on adjacent fields bring the poisons straight to our tables or to the air we breathe.

We just cannot afford to keep poisoning the environment as we do now.

Fortunately, nature has its own solution to prevent pollution.

Nature provided us with natural frequencies that can be used as environmentally friendly pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides, to be applied, species and area specific, without harm to the environment or any other species.

How to apply these frequencies?

Every organism has a unique frequency, when we send the insects their own frequency back to them, out-of-phase, they become sick and die.

With the right equipment, it is possible to copy the insects own frequencies to be prepared into an anti-frequency. These frequencies are copied with a quantum scanner into crystal powder where it can be stored, ready for use.

To develop an anti-frequency for any organism, a photo of the organism is used, the frequency of the organism is copied from the photo into powdered crystals in an out-of-phase way with a quantum scanner. Frequencies scanned into the crystal powder can be stored long-term without losing its effectiveness.

These out-of-phase frequencies can be applied accurately anywhere in the world using quantum entanglement technology. According to quantum physics; objects that are entangled can be moved any distance apart and what is applied to one, will happen to the others immediately.

With the right quantum transmitters, specific frequencies can be applied accurately to specific areas anywhere in the world.

Agri Frequencies (Pty) Ltd, a company in South Africa, specialises in using these natural frequencies to alleviate an unlimited variety of pests and plagues all over the world at minimal cost.

The transmitted frequencies are invisible and penetrates all structures, they even work underground, the frequencies can be monitored and tested with a visible test to prove it is working in the target area.

How Does Environmentally Friendly Insect Control Work?

Agri Frequencies (Pty) Ltd. has developed sensitive equipment to capture any organism’s frequency from just a photograph. These frequencies are then copied with a quantum scanner into a medium of crystal powder where the frequencies can be stored indefinitely.

A remedy is then prepared from this frequency loaded crystal powder and used in a quantum transmitter, to apply to any designated area. The area is also taken from a photograph of the area, and the remedy is then quantum linked to the designated area.

Frequencies are ideal for long term preventative use and has no harmful side Effects.

The effectivity of insect control with frequencies can be seen on the graph below

Environmentally friendly Insect Control

The orange broken line is the starting date of treatment of Potato moth (green). For more information, contact or learn more here.