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Environmentally Friendly Bird Control

Environmentally Friendly Bird Control

Environmentally friendly Bird ControlBirds are responsible for huge crop losses in certain areas of the world, in other areas, pigeons and other birds are a nuisance and cause a mess or damage to buildings, golf courses, fruit and food products.

Different methods are used to get rid of, or deter the birds, on crop fields, on buildings, inside open structures etc. none of which are very successful, even where people try to kill them in mass at their nesting sites or sleeping sites with explosives or fire.

The ideal would be to remove specific species in an environmentally friendly way from selected areas without removing other species.

Luckily Nature has a solution, it is up to us to use it; natural frequencies.

With the help of natural frequencies, we now have a Environmentally friendly Bird Control solution and we can deter unwanted species without killing them, when they become aware of the frequencies in a specific area these birds tend to move to other areas and avoid the targeted areas.

How Does Environmentally friendly Bird Control Work?

Every organism has a unique frequency, when we send the birds their own frequency back to it, out-of-phase, they become restless and tired, they soon realize its only in the targeted area that they don’t feel good and then they avoid that area.

Environmentally friendly Bird ControlWith the right equipment as developed by Agri Frequencies, it is possible to copy the birds’ s frequencies to be used as anti-frequencies. These frequencies are copied with a quantum scanner into crystal powder where it can be stored, ready for use.

To develop an anti-frequency for any bird, a photo of the bird is used, the frequency of the bird is copied from the photo into powdered crystals in an out-of-phase way with a quantum scanner. Frequencies scanned into the crystal powder can be stored indefinitely without losing its effectiveness.

These out-of-phase frequencies can be applied accurately anywhere in the world using quantum entanglement technology. Quantum physics state that, objects that are entangled can be moved any distance apart and what is applied to one, will happen to the others.

With the right quantum transmitters, specific frequencies can be applied accurately to specific areas anywhere in the world and we can have Environmentally friendly Bird Control.

How to send these frequencies?

Agri Frequencies specializes in capturing these unique frequencies and can return it to the birds in specific areas without harming the environment or the birds, they just move away and avoid the area targeted by frequencies.

The environmentally friendly frequencies work species specific and can be applied anywhere in the world.

Agri Frequencies (Pty) Ltd, a company in South Africa, specialises in using these natural frequencies to alleviate an unlimited variety of pests and plagues all over the world at minimal cost.

How is it done?

With the sensitive equipment developed by Agri Frequencies they capture any organism’s frequency from photographs. These frequencies are then copied with a quantum scanner into a medium of crystal powder where the frequency can be stored indefinitely.

A remedy is then prepared from this frequency loaded crystal powder and used in a quantum transmitter.

The target area is also taken from a photograph of the area, and the remedy is then quantum linked or “entangled” to the designated area.

Once entangled the frequencies are immediately working on the target area.

Although the transmitted frequencies are invisible the frequencies can be monitored and tested with a visible test to prove receipt on the target area.

Frequencies are ideal for long term preventative use, it is environmentally friendly and has no harmful side effects.

Sometimes these species might mutate, then we need new photos to update the system and deter the new mutations as well.