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Environmentally Friendly Algae Control

Environmentally Friendly Algae Control

Environmentally friendly Algae controlAlgae control is a worldwide problem and large amounts are spent to combat algae.

Algae which are mostly made up of single cell plants are growing in water wherever the sun is shining. Algae is not always welcome or beneficial to us and huge amounts are spent to control it.

Clear Pond Chemical Free Solution

Algae is harmful to many other species too; most animals refuse to drink from water if there are any algae in it. That’s why algae need to be controlled in certain areas, like swimming pools, fish ponds and drinking water and troughs, usually algae is controlled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Irrigation water polluted with algae often blocks the system and needs to be cleaned.

We cannot afford to keep on polluting the environment with chemicals that are slowly killing the earth and life on it.

Fortunately, Nature has provided an environmentally friendly solution; ….. Natural Frequencies!

Environmentally friendly Algae controlResearch done by Jan and Willem du Plessis of Agri Frequencies in Benoni led to powerful anti-algae frequencies that are very easy and safe to use.

With the right frequencies algae can be controlled in an environmentally friendly way that is not harmful to other organisms like fish and plants.

Crystal powder, vibrating at the right frequencies is used in the Clear Pond, to kill algae. The Clear Pond is made of rubber, embedded with powdered crystals, vibrating at the correct frequencies to destroy algae,

How is Environmentally friendly Algae control done?

Wrap the CLEAR POND around the pool pipe after the pump, all the water that flows through the pipe then vibrates in resonance with the Clear Pond crystals, killing all the algae.

The theory behind the technology; every organism has its own unique frequency.

If we send its own frequency back to it out-of-phase, it becomes lethal to that organism, they soon die off, these natural frequencies are not harmful to fish or any other organisms.

With the right equipment as developed by Agri Frequencies, it is possible to embed any frequencies permanently into the crystal powder.

To develop an anti-frequency for any organism, a photo of the organism is used, the frequency of the organism is copied from the photo into powdered crystals in an out-of-phase way with a quantum scanner. Frequencies scanned into the crystal powder can be stored indefinitely without losing its effectiveness.

Environmentally Friendly Algae Control And Your Savings

Huge, permanent savings, are achieved, not only does the environment save from all the harmful chemicals that are used but it also saves lots of money as the Clear Pond is inexpensive and lasts for decades.

The Clear Pond also structures the water making it healthy for all.

What water structuring does

Environmentally friendly Algae control

By structuring water, pollutants drop out and the pool is cleared, the structured water has numerous advantages to whomever uses the water. Structured water is softer and feels better on the skin, for fish it enhances growth, for plants it stimulates growth and helps with the filtering and cleaning.

Although in swimming pools some chemicals may still be required for sterilization.

Your Environmentally Friendly Algae control, the Clear Pond, has an unlimited lifespan and can be upgraded free of charge to any new type or mutation of algae that may develop in future, by simply sending photos of unaffected algae to .