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Farm Sustainably... Farm With Frequency
Agri Frequencies

Dr Arden B Anderson made the statement “Always be conscious of the fact that the purpose of agriculture is to produce food for people, and, thus, food must have comprehensive nutrition suitable for people…”

Agri Frequencies is here to provide farmers with the opportunity to farm in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner while minimising costs and optimising yields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health and life quality of all humans by reducing the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture, insuring a better future for all while protecting the environment.

Our Company

The use of poisonous chemicals is killing bees and other pollinators, to the point where birds are becoming scarce in certain areas, it’s time to do more to protect the environment.

After 25 years of research Agrifrequencies was started in August 2017 in Benoni South Africa.

Our main aim is to improve food quality and reduce production cost with the use of frequencies.

Our research led to a wide range of products and services currently being marketed worldwide.

Learning from Radionics research, we developed our own system using quantum physics entanglement to effect organisms.

Knowing all organisms has frequencies we devised equipment to scan these frequencies and transmit them to specific areas, when the frequencies were transmitted in identical form, growth was stimulated, but when we transmitted it out of phase it cancelled out the organism’s energy and caused death of the targeted organisms.

What is Quantum Physics and Agrionics?

Quantum physics describe nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. The specific aspect of quantum physics that we use is called entanglement and can be described as follows: when 2 objects are entangled on the quantum energy level, in whatever way one object is manipulated happens instantly to the other object independent of the distance apart.

This process of entanglement is also used by radionics practitioners, Agrionics is the agricultural application of radionics and uses the entanglement principal, all objects have energy and vibrates at unique frequencies, any organism can be influenced immediately by manipulating its unique frequency.

Agrionics is the scientific method of applying subtle, informational frequencies to influence organic life forms for agricultural purposes.

Radionics is better known in the healing field and alternative healing practices, a wide range of sophisticated machines are used worldwide to diagnose and treat diseases.

Dr. Albert Abrahams, a medical Professor at Stanford University, developed radionics in the early 1900’s.

In the 1950’s Dr. Galen Hieronymus patented the first agrionics machine. Since then many researchers confirmed his results and further developed agrionics. People like Peter Kelly, Steve Westin, Lutie Larsen, and Jerry Fridenstine in America.

How does it work

All organisms have energy and vibrate at specific unique frequencies;

When an organism’s frequency is transmitted to its area it influences that specific organism with immediate effect. The frequencies are species specific. When an organism’s energy is enhanced with its own frequency it will enhance the vitality of the organism.

If an organism’s energy is distorted by transmitting it out of phase the organism will become sick and die.

This technology allows us to control insects and invader plants, species-specific and in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner anywhere in the world. Unwanted animals like jackal will feel lifeless and rather move out of the area, making it a ‘no-go zone’.


At Agri Frequencies we have developed our own unique methods and equipment, which allow us to transmit the frequencies 24/7 to any chosen area without limitation of area or quantity.

We focus on providing guaranteed results to farmers worldwide to improve food quality.


All we need is a photo (Google Earth is sufficient) demarcating the area desired to be treated. A sample or clear photo of the unwanted insect or plant will be needed to determine the necessary out-of-phase frequency for that organism. As soon as we have these the required frequencies we can transmit these to the demarcated area 24/7 with dedicated quantum transmitters to effect change.