Dr Arden B Anderson made the statement “Always be conscious of the fact that the purpose of agriculture is to produce food for people, and, thus, food must have comprehensive nutrition suitable for people…”

Agri Frequencies is here to provide farmers with the opportunity to farm in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner while minimising costs and optimising yields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health and life quality of all humans by reducing the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture, insuring a better future for all while protecting the environment.

Our Company

The use of poisonous chemicals on our foods are killing the bees and other pollinators, to the point where birds are becoming scarce in certain areas, we feel it’s time to do more to protect the environment.

Research since 1990’s paid off with a phenomenal product range, we started commercially in August 2017, in Benoni South Africa.

Our main aim is to reduce the use of poisons and chemicals to make this world safer.

Quantum Physics

The principal in quantum physics called Entanglement is used to distribute the chosen frequencies, entanglement can be described as the phenomena where objects that are entangled can be removed any distance apart and what is done on one happens instantly on the other, independent of the distance apart.

How does it work

All organisms have energy and their own unique frequencies,

When an organisms own frequency is transmitted to its area it will enhance the vitality of the organism,

However, if the opposite or out-of-phase frequency is sent, the organisms energy is disrupted, which cause the organism to become sick and die.

This world first technology allows us control insects and fungi, area and species specific control in a eco friendly and sustainable manner.

We have devised a test user friendly method in which the client can test when he receives the frequencies


At Agri Frequencies we have developed our own unique methods and equipment, which allow us to transmit the frequencies 24/7 to any chosen area without limitation of area or quantity.

We focus on providing guaranteed results to farmers worldwide to improve food quality.


All we need is a photo (Google Earth is sufficient) demarcating the area desired to be treated. A sample or clear photo of the unwanted insect or plant will be needed to determine the necessary out-of-phase frequency for that organism. As soon as we have these the required frequencies we can transmit these to the demarcated area 24/7 with dedicated quantum transmitters to effect change.